Why is my bottled fruit floating?
Fruits with higher oxygen content or those that are raw packed into jars will float in the jar. This is normal but does mean the top layer is no longer submerged and will discolour over time. Prevent this by using narrow-necked jars and hot packing where possible.
Bubbles in the jar?
If air pockets have not been removed before processing, these will be apparent. Air results in discoloured preserves (and is also where mould can grow). Prevent this by hot-packing fruit where possible and removing bubbles before sealing.
Fruit has discoloured.
If air is present in the jar, fruit is naturally pale or jars are not in a dark place, fruit will discolour. Fruit is safe to consume – but will not store as long on the shelf.
Fruit has mould on the surface.
If mould is growing anywhere in the jar, jars were not processed accurately (or seal has failed). Do not consume. Discard all of the jar contents.
Fruit is bubbling.
If there are moving bubbles in your jars, this indicates fermentation – bacterial contamination caused by seal failure. Do not consume. Discard all of the jar contents.
Lid is bulging.
Seal failure means air and contaminants can enter into your jar and multiply, causing the bulging lid. Do not consume. Discard all of the jar contents.
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