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Orchard Fresh Fruit Preserving Guide
By Megan Radaich
Savour stone fruit all year long! Traditional, low-sugar and no-sugar fruit preserving methods include bottling, jams and jellies, fruit pie fillings, dehydrating and cooking are included. Over 100,000 tonnes of fresh stone fruit are grown each year in Australia, so you can make the most of the stone fruit season by using the recipes in this guide to preserve your fruit at home. 
Digital PDF Guide (Instant Download)


Introduction to Pressure Canning Guide
By Megan Radaich
Learn all about the art of pressure canning – how to preserve non-pickled vegetables in jars that are stored in the pantry, to enjoy all year long! Learn about jars and equipment, ingredients, recipes and more.

Second Edition.


Preserve the Season: Pickling Guide

By Megan Radaich
Learn how to preserve fruit and vegetables in vinegar to enjoy all year long! Includes 36 recipes and step-by-step water bath bottling instructions.
Second Edition.

Preserve the Season: Strawberries
By Megan Radaich
Explore strawberry preserving methods – 45 recipes for storing fresh, freezing, dehydrating and bottled, jam, jelly, sauce, syrup, cordial, infused sugar, vinegar, alcohol and more. Traditional recipes, bottling technique and low-sugar options included. Our favourite baking and yoghurt recipes have been added to this new edition to keep you busy all spring! Sweet! 
Second Edition.


Fresh Cheese-Making Guide

By Megan Radaich
Learn how to create your very own fresh, soft cheese in your home kitchen with this guide! Including recipes, articles and information about ingredients and equipment - you'll be surprised how simple they can be to make your own!
Cheese recipes included: butter & buttermilk, chevre, cream cheese, creme fraiche, fromage blanc, labneh, lemon cheese, neufchatel (American-style), paneer, quark, queso blanco, ricotta (whipped sweet & savoury), sour cream & Greek-style yoghurt.
Plus recipes for using/serving homemade cheese!
Second Edition.



Meat Preserving Guide: Fresh Sausage-Making

By Megan Radaich
Explore the art of fresh sausage making! Learn how to make your own gourmet sausages at home using locally sourced meat, natural flavours and avoid artificial ingredients. Articles discuss preservatives in fresh sausages, types of sausages, fresh sausage ingredients and equipment (including details on the types of mincers and stuffers you can use), sausage casings, meat varieties, flavour combinations, smoking, cooking, serving, storing and vacuum sealing fresh sausages. Learn how to mince, mix and make fresh sausages with 44 fresh sausage recipes, 4 cold smoking recipes, plus recipes for tomato sauce, smokey barbecue sauce, feta cheese, marinated capsicum, sauerkraut, mustard, salads and cider included. Bonus fresh sausage-making record chart. 5th Edition.


Meat Preserving Guide: Cured & Dried Sausages
By Megan Radaich
Cold weather is the ideal time to make and dry (cure) homemade sausages. Learn about the curing process and how to mince, mix, make and cure sausages, plus details on sausage-making equipment, ingredients and more. This guide is a great introduction to charcuterie and is suitable for beginners and anyone who enjoys eating cacciatore, chorizo and salami and wants to learn how to make them at home! Bonus sausage-making log (chart) included.


Meat Preserving Guide: Jerky
By Megan Radaich
Learn how to prepare, dry and serve homemade jerky! Starting with the safe meat handling and the history of jerky, learn about jerky varieties (meat types and flavours), preservatives and in-depth details about ingredients, equipment, techniques, making jerky strips, straps and sticks, types of dehydrators, smoking and cooking jerky, and also storing jerky safely. This guide includes over 40 jerky recipes plus recipes for plum sauce, smokey barbecue sauce and wholegrain mustard. Jerky record chart also included. 

4th Edition.


Meat Preserving Guide: Biltong
By Megan Radaich
Learn how to prepare, dry and serve homemade biltong! Starting with the safe meat handling and the history of biltong, learn about biltong varieties (meat types and flavours), preservatives and in-depth details about ingredients, equipment, techniques, type of biltong boxes (where to buy one and two designs included to build your own), plus information on the types of dehydrators, how to use your oven to make biltong, how to cut biltong, and storing biltong safely. This guide includes a recipe to make your own biltong spice, 7 biltong recipes and a biltong record chart. 

Second Edition.

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