www.foodpreserving.org is your resource for home food preservation! We're Australia’s biggest food preserving resource for recipes and articles about home preserving, cheese-making, fermenting, dehydrating, sausage-making and more! This website was created and is still run independently by Megan Radaich, a West Australian who is passionate about teaching communities how to preserve produce safely.  



Mother of three, with a love of cooking, craft, gardening, sustainability & creating community.
  Megan Radaich
I began my preserving journey in high school, in home economics – learning how to make jams and preserves using locally sourced ingredients. During high school and university (whilst studying an education and science degree) I also preserved gifts for family and friends. 
  Starting a family led me to preserve more at home – for convenient family meals, entertaining family and friends with little work/notice required, and eliminating artificial ingredients from my children’s diets wherever possible. I expanded my preserving and cooking skills to include fermenting, dehydrating and yoghurt-making, and then continued to learn home cheese-making, sausage-making, soap-making, candle-making, homemade cosmetics and green cleaning. 
  I've been a Food Preserver since 2002! With my background in home food preservation, I began teaching community classes in early 2012. After completing 365 days of daily preserving by the middle of 2013, I created www.foodpreserving.org to share all of my articles and recipes, so the community can learn about food preserving methods, browse hundreds of recipes and have everything they need in one place – and most importantly, pay it forward by teaching the next generation and sharing preserves (and/or recipes) with family, friends and neighbours. See more about my 365 Days of Creative Canning challenge HERE. I feel honoured that followers have found inspiration in my 365 project to cook/create for a year also!  
  I am currently working on my first online course, due for release later this year. 
My future goals include teaching online classes, publishing my recipes and articles in Australian magazines, continuing to publish my course guides (working towards my cookbook collection), and creating YouTube videos. It would be amazing to produce a TV series about Food Preserving.
  Cooking, gardening and craft: being active in my community and helping others is something that is important to me as it helps reduce loneliness and isolation - creating genuine, long-lasting community connections.
  Enjoy your food preserving journey! 
Learn, create, share
- Megan  

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