Marmalade is a semi-translucent preserve made from fruit and sugar, similar to jelly except it contains one or more citrus fruits. Marmalade has a smooth, texture and regular consistency – and may contain citrus peel. Marmalade is created by a carefully measured ratio of citrus fruit (and perhaps other fruits), water and sugar. The quantity of sugar used varies according with the fruit variety (and quantity) and personal flavour preference.
Marmalade can be sweet or sour, and can be mild to hot. You can adjust spices and flavourings to create beautiful jars of marmalade for your family.
Marmalade is made similarly to jam and jelly, where the whole fruit and sugar are heated together. Citrus contains a high quantity of natural pectin, therefore homemade traditional marmalade does not require commercial pectin (which is often added to jars of store bought jam, jelly and marmalade). Marmalade can be made low-sugar or sugar-free by using low/no-sugar pectin. It is made in a similar process to jam, except the fruit includes citrus and the rind may be cooked separately initially (to remove any bitterness). Follow marmalade preserving recipes carefully to ensure success.
From spreading on toast and cakes, to using a meat glaze, we have lots of tips for using marmalade to create something special for you, your family and your friends!


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