Almond Yoghurt

Culturing: 8-12 hours
Storage: Refrigerator (3 weeks)
Yield: 4 cups per batch

4 cups almond milk – room temperature or warm
2 tablespoons raw sugar OR honey (food for culture)
Yoghurt starter culture (1 dose)      
Electric Yoghurt Maker
Mix all ingredients and place into yoghurt maker for 8-12 hours.
Insulated Yoghurt Container
Combine milk and sweetener. Heat to 40’C (105'F). Add starter. Keep warm for 8-12 hours.
When yoghurt is ready, refrigerate and consume within 3 weeks.

Want thicker yoghurt? Strain cultured yoghurt through muslin for 1-2 hours before refrigeration.



Soak almonds in water for 1-2 days (longer = creamier milk).
Drain and rinse almonds. Blend with fresh water.
Strain through a colander (almond meal can be frozen) then strain through a nut bag, jelly bag, muslin or cheesecloth.     
Keep almond milk refrigerated and use within 4 days (or freeze).

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