We always recommend “using what you’ve got”, but these items are handy when preserving fruit.
Use good quality preserving jars with new lids for every batch. Ensure no chips or cracks in the jars, which are boiled for 10 minutes to heat through before being filled with fruit. You can use small jars for single servings of fruit, up to 4-cup capacity jars – we find quarts are ideal for our family of four.
A good knife is essential for fruit preparation. Peach pitting spoons also handy and an apple cutter are great to prepare lots of apple wedges! Preserving utensils such as a funnel, ladle and jar tongs are also handy (and a jug for pouring hot syrup into the jars).
To ensure your fruit is safe for storage of a year or more, jars of fruit must be submerged in boiling water and boiled for a certain time. After processing, cool jars on a towel surface overnight before labelling and storing.

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