Storage: Refrigerator
Yield: 1 cup (approximately) 
A mild, pressed cheese ideal for serving with spicy food such as curries. It can also be frozen after being pressed and diced.
2 cups fresh ricotta, lemon cheese or queso blanco
Salt (optional)
Strain cheese.
Collect your fresh cheese and hang to strain and discard any whey. Paneer cheese is firm and dry so remove as much whey (liquid) as possible.
Press cheese.
Line a feta basket (or sieve/colander) with the cheesecloth and strained cheese. Cover with a second layer of cloth. Press using a cheese press to remove whey overnight.
Cut paneer cheese into cubes.
Slice paneer cheese into 1cm cubes, and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Paneer cheese also freezes well.
Serving paneer cheese.
Fry the paneer cheese in ghee (traditional method), coconut oil or your preferred oil. Fry (or deep fry) until golden on most sides then serve with your favourite sauce (we serve with homemade, preserved sweet chilli sauce). Drain well before serving, or cool and freeze.

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