Make your own fresh ricotta at home in just two steps - delicious served warm with your favourite chutney on crusty bread, or mix through dried fruit, spices or honey and strain overnight. Also suitable for making into baked ricotta!
Yield: 2-4 cups
4L full cream milk
1 teaspoon citric acid (diluted in ¼ cup filtered water)
1 teaspoon cheese salt
Prepare milk.
Pour milk into stainless steel pot, add citric acid mixture and salt. Stir to combine. Heat milk on low, heating to 85-90’C, stirring gently to prevent scorching. When milk splits into curds and whey, remove from heat and rest for 5 minutes.
Strain curds.
Line a colander and strain curds for 5 minutes. Hang curds and drain for 30 minutes. Eat warm or refrigerate for up to one week (it also freezes well).
NOTES: The quantity of ricotta you will get will vary - the higher the fat content of the milk (and the least amount of heat processing it has undergone) means a higher quantity of ricotta. Try using different brands, different batches and experiment to find your favourite. You can also include cream in the 4L quantity if you like - it adds a lovely rich flavour to the ricotta. If your milk doesn't split, add extra citric acid (or lemon juice, or vinegar). Too much acid will result in a tough textured ricotta - great for baking with!
ALTERNATIVE METHOD: Heat the milk to 90'C, then stir through the citric acid mixture. The milk should split immediately into curds and whey, or heat for a minute then wait 5 minutes before straining.
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