Storage: Refrigerator
Yield: 3-4 cups (approximately) 
A lovely alternative for store bought cream cheese – we love stuffing medjool dates with yoghurt cheese, or enjoying fresh fig slices on sourdough with yoghurt cheese and honey.
4 cups Greek-style yoghurt
1 teaspoon cheese salt
Season yoghurt with salt (pinch per cup is ideal). Mix well.
Line a sieve with damp cheesecloth and secure the lined sieve over a bowl.
Pour yoghurt into sieve and draw up edges of cheesecloth and tie onto a spoon handle so the yoghurt is suspended above the bowl. Do not press.
Allow the yoghurt to drain for several hours or overnight until thickened to your liking (we like cream cheese consistency).
Mix through honey, herbs or other flavourings and keep yoghurt cheese refrigerated.
The drained liquid (whey) can be used in smoothies or for fermented vegetables – or discarded.
Enjoy yoghurt cheese and consume within a few days of making. We love serving yoghurt cheese with our favourite chutney.

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