fermenting vessel
Knife, Mandolin or Food Processor - to prepare ingredients quickly and precisely.
Cutting Board - plastic preferred because wood is porous and may contain microorganisms.
Testing Jar – a 1-cup-capacity glass jar for activating yeast.
Glass Jars – various sizes so you can make smaller or large/multiple batches. Require a cloth or an airlock to be fitted to the lid (follow recipe for type of cover to use). Generally 1L-6L in size.
Fermenting Vessel (FV) – a large food-safe plastic drum with tap for tasting/filling bottles, and airlock attached to the screwed on lid. Available in 15L, 25L, 30L and 60L.
Demijohn – large glass bottle with small neck for fermenting. Around 4-5L. An airlock is attached to the cork/rubber stopper.
Airlock – plastic 3 piece or 1 piece s-bend shaped lid attachments that allow carbon dioxide to escape from the ferment as the alcohol is produced, but prevents contamination (i.e. dust, bugs, yeasts etc.). 
Hydrometer - measures the specific gravity – the sugar content of liquids.
Long Handled Spoon - for stirring in large fermenting vessels.
Bottle Drying Rack.
Bottle Brush.
Bottle Tube Filler – tubing to transfer brews from FV into bottles if there is no tap.
Bottles & Caps – plastic or glass for storing finished brews.
bottle drying rack
3 piece airlock

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