5L bucket with spout for mixing lye
Long gloves (chemical handling)
Chemical filter mask, long-sleeved shirt, long pants, enclosed shoes and an apron
5L+ bucket with spout for mixing soap
Spatula, knife and spoons
pH strips
Cups/jugs for mixing colours and measuring fragrances
Pouring jug
Scales – by the gram
Whisk – mini for blending colour/fragrance and normal size
Stick blender
Slow cooker (optional, for bigger batches)

Wooden skewers for swirling
Soap or cake moulds – silicon is easiest but can be heat-proof plastic or metal with a single cavity or tray/slab for cutting into bars individually
Bubble wrap
Cake decorating tools
Zig zag cutter and/or soap slicer
Stamps i.e. goat milk, handmade, olive oil, animals, etc.

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