1. Cobwebs - Use a cobweb broom to remove any cobwebs inside your home (including windows). 
  2. Dusting - Dust from the top of furniture downwards, including furniture, ornaments, window sills, lampshades, picture frames, skirting boards, etc. 
  3. Vacuum - Move furniture to vacuum under beds, under rugs, behind cupboards/furniture (if possible) and behind doors. Then put furniture back in order and vacuum carpet.
  4. Windows & Mirrors - Clean all mirrors, glass tables and windows - including window frames, handles, fly screens and tracks.
  5. Appliances & Lights - Clean light fittings, wipe down light switches, remote controls, etc. 
  6. Furniture - Clean upholstery as required, including cushions. Wipe down wooden furniture.
  7. Floors - Sweep floors daily, and mop floors as required. 
  8. Air Freshener - As you clean, open windows and doors to allow air flow. Why not make an air freshener as you clean?
  9. Bathrooms & Toilets - Wash towels and mats. Scrub tiles and basin. Clean mirror. Wipe down basin and bath. Shine fittings – try using a little glass cleaner to make them sparkle! Scrub and disinfect toilet (including behind toilet) and wipe clean. Wipe down cupboards and light switches. Water plant. Empty and clean bins. Wash floor.
  10. Kitchen - Start with your sink - scrub and shine daily! Wipe down benches, cupboards, splash back, fridge, freezer and dishwasher. Clean microwave. Clean out fridge and wash shelving. This is also a good time to make air freshener and/or menu plan. Clean stove, stove top and range hood. Water plant. Empty and clean bins. Wash floor.
  11. Laundry - Start with your sink - scrub and shine daily! Wash clothes according to your washing schedule. Wipe down bench, splash back and tiles. Wipe down cupboards, washing machine and dryer. Clean dryer. Pack away clothes and linen. Wash floor.

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