Storage: Refrigerator 
Yield: 1 cup per batch
Made from vanilla beans and raw sugar, vanilla bean paste is easy to make and use in your favourite recipes! One teaspoon equals one vanilla bean.
1 cup raw sugar
1/2 cup water
6 vanilla beans 
  1. Heat sugar and water together in a pan over medium heat, until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and cool.
  2. Blend ingredients until smooth.
  3. Pour into jars, seal and label then refrigerate.
  • Use any sugar you like – just ensure the sugar dissolves completely into the syrup;
  • Vanilla beans too dry? Add them to the hot syrup and refrigerate overnight, then blend the next day;
  • You can split the beans, scrape the seeds into the syrup and save the empty pods to put into vodka (for vanilla extract) or into a jar of sugar (for vanilla sugar). 

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