Greek-Style Yoghurt

Culturing: 8-12 hours
Storage: Refrigerator (3 weeks)

Yield: 4 cups per batch
A really thick and creamy yoghurt that is fantastic served with granola and fresh fruit.
4 cups milk (higher fat % = thicker yoghurt)
½ - 1 cup powdered milk (more = thicker yoghurt)
2 drops calcium chloride (optional, makes yoghurt thicker)
Freeze dried yoghurt culture (1 dose)   OR   ¼ - ½ cup starter yoghurt
If using fresh milk, heat to 90’C (195'F), heat for 10 minutes then cool to 40’C (105'F). UHT milk does not need heating.
Whisk powdered milk, calcium chloride (if using) and starter into milk.
Place yoghurt into jars or yoghurt maker. Keep warm (40’C/105'F) for 8-12 hours in an electric yoghurt maker or overnight in an insulated yoghurt container until thickened to your liking (i.e. pressing with a spoon leaves an indentation in the surface of the yoghurt).
Refrigerate and use within 3 weeks.
NOTE: Keep ½ cup fresh yoghurt to use as a starter for your next batch.


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