Marmalade Serving Ideas

Marmalade can be used in many ways, here are our favourites:
  • Sandwiches;
  • Spread on baguettes, crackers or toast;
  • Serve with cream cheese;
  • Use as a glaze when grilling or roasting: especially on chicken or fish;
  • Drizzle warm marmalade over cakes or cupcakes (while they’re warm);
  • Spread between cake layers;
  • Stir into ice-cream;
  • Add a spoonful into yoghurt;
  • Use in granola;
  • Serve with warm porridge;
  • Use as a glaze on grilled vegetable skewers ;
  • Make thumbprint cookies (jam drop biscuits);
  • Use in a green salad dressing;
  • Try a marmalade cocktail;
  • Use in gravy;
  • Serve on rice pudding;
  • Warm and use as a dipping sauce.


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