In Food Preservation, There Are No Silly Questions

Use a reliable recipe when canning. If it isn't listed, ask the source which book (or resource) the recipe is originally from. Or ask an expert such as a Master Food Preserver :)
In cyberworld there are many recipes out there that you can "google" that seem mighty tempting, but they may be considered unsafe by the USDA/NCHFP. This is why the recipes on this website will only be ones that are safe for anyone to re-create in their home. Most of the recipes here will also list the recipe source ie. USDA or the Ball Blue Book for example.
Here is a list of resources (both digital and print): 
You may be a beginner to preserving, or expanding your skills, but don't be afraid to ask a question (or many!) if you don't understand a step, or want to know "why".
Here is a link to a list of UNSAFE ingredients that cannot be used in home canning (and also explains why they're not safe to use): 
What food and ingredients are not safe for canning
If you are unsure of ANYTHING, you can contact me via the contact us page in the main menu above. I will help where I can, or provide you with the contact details of an expert :)
Please be safe when canning, for not only your health and safety, but for your family and friends too. When buying homemade jams from the markets for example, ask questions and check they have correctly processed it in a boiling water bath to safely seal the jars.
Enjoy the art of food preservation!

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