Day 42: Watermelon Fruit Leather

Watermelon Fruit Leather
Day Forty-Two (01.07.2012)
Processing: Dehydrator or Oven (4 - 5 hrs)

Yield: 13 inch x 15 inch (32cm x 38cm)
Recipe Source: National Centre for Home Food Preservation
Yesterday I made watermelon jelly (recipe HERE) and this morning I also canned watermelon rind pickles (recipe HERE). So I had some watermelon pulp leftover from when I extracted the juice, and I decided to see if a watermelon fruit leather would be possible. It turned out pretty tasty according to my oldest daughter, not sure that it will last for many weeks like planned. It turned out the thickness of cardex, chewy but not tough at all. This is a great way to use up any fruit puree from jelly-making that you and your family will enjoy!
pour onto tray then dry
in oven or dehydrator
Making the fruit leather is really easy - just combine the ingredients in a bowl, spoon/pour onto your baking tray (which has a sheet of baking paper on top so the leather doesn't stick to the tray) or dehydrator tray and dry in oven/dehydrator. The mixture shouldn't be more than 1/8 inch (3-4mm) thick and the consistency of applesauce. I used my oven and drying took just over 4 hours at 70 degrees celsius (170 degrees fahrenheit) until it didn't have a sticky surface any more and the middle, if pressed, didn't indent. The final thickness was about 2mm.
When the fruit leather is ready, remove from oven and place directly onto plastic wrap. Remove baking paper backing (I found tearing the paper into 3 big strips was easiest) and cover top of leather with the plastic wrap. Fold top and bottom sides to seal and roll gently into a tube shape. Store wrapped in plastic, and also in a bag to keep moisture out and use up within 4 weeks. You can also freeze the rolls for up to 12 months.
remove from tray, place onto plastic wrap
and fold wrap to cover both sides
roll leather up for storage
2 cups watermelon pulp
1/4 cup castor sugar
2 tablespoons bottled lemon juice
Why not try making your own watermelon fruit leather - it is a tasty, healthy snack for you and your family!  :(^_^):

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