Day 7: Pressure Canned Carrot Pieces

Pressure Canned Carrot Pieces  
Day Seven (27.05.2012)
Processing: Pressure Canning 25mins
Yield: any amount you like! I did 7 pints as it's the first time following this recipe
Recipe source: Ball Blue Book
Back at the pressure canning tonight - this time did 7 pints of carrot pieces. Basic recipe like before, raw-packing the peeled thickly sliced (1-1.5 inch pieces) carrots into pint jars leaving an inch headspace. Add 1/2 tsp of kosher salt per pint jar. I then filled half of the jars with boiling chicken stock (1 stock cube into 1L water was enough for 4 pints), the rest I filled with boiling water.  Seal and process in pressure canner at 10 pounds for 25 minutes.   This recipe is from the Ball Blue Book (which is quickly becoming my 'go-to' book for canning at the moment :-) 
I'm planning a f+v garden later this year, how cool would the heirloom (purple, white, multi-coloured) carrots look in the jars later in the year? What brilliant gifts they would make!
p.s. I save all of the water (obviously don't re-use it for canning!) - I put it all into a big pot and pour it on the plants tomorrow once it's cooled overnight :-)
carrots (I washed, peeled, washed, sliced and washed again) - about 3kg made 7 pints
1/2 tsp kosher salt per pint jar
boiling chicken stock or boiling water
Phew! Now week one of canning is over - only 51 weeks to go!

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