Keep your cheese happy in the right environment for aging by keeping them in a constant temperature, specific moisture level and certain amount of fresh air, varying with cheese types – check the recipe for details. The cheese should not be damp and there should not be moisture on the surface of the cheese ripening box. Always use a cheese mat to allow air flow around the cheese. Open any closed cheese boxes often to allow air flow (to remove carbon dioxide and ammonia as they are produced during the aging process) and remove any excess moisture (condensation) that has built up. 
Normally too cold and removes moisture.  Keep cheese covered in the warmest part of the fridge (usually top), using a container 1.5 x bigger than the cheese. Humidity is added by including a damp paper towel ball or damp sponge in the corner of the container (away from cheese, replacing as required).
A small (or large) fridge for storing cheese only! Add a pan of partially covered water in the bottom shelf for humidity. Hygrometer is an ideal addition (it measures the humidity).
Cheese is kept in a cabinet, shelf or plastic boxes. Temperature will stay relatively stable but humidity will need to be checked fairly often. A fan helps with air flow. Keep space between wheels of cheese and shelves of cheese to allow adequate air flow.

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