Culturing: 5-7 days (short ferment) OR 3-4 weeks (long ferment)
Storage: Refrigerator (3 weeks)
Yield: 3-4 cups per batch
Make your own probiotic tea drink at home!
3 cups filtered water, hot
¼ cup raw sugar (food for scoby)
2 tea bags (or 1 ½ teaspoon loose tea leaves)
Kombucha scoby (buy online or from a health store)
½ cup Kombucha tea (starter)    OR   distilled white vinegar
Dissolve sugar in water. Add tea bags and steep for 10 minutes then discard tea bags.  Pour tea into a quart (1L) jar and cool tea to room temperature.
Add scoby and starter tea (if you don't have 1/2 cup kombucha tea, add distilled vinegar to make up this quantity) into jar of tea. Cover jar with cloth (allows it to breathe but prevents contamination).
Culture for 5-7 days or more – the kombucha will be sweeter with a short brewing period, but can be brewed (cultured) for 3-4 weeks brewing to remove all sugar. This longer brewing period means the kombucha tea will be more acidic (vinegar-flavoured).
Happy kombucha makes a baby scoby! First a clear layer will form on the surface, becoming white and thicker like mother scoby during the brewing cycle.
Enjoy kombucha fresh or strain and pour into plastic bottles (with tight lids) with fruit juice to carbonate before refrigerating.
Refrigerate and drink kombucha tea within 3 weeks. 

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