Testing Marmalade Has Set

Marmalade does need to be tested to ensure it has reached the gelling stage before processing. 
While you are making the marmalade, place three small saucers into the freezer. When ready to test for gel stage, remove one saucer and place a spoonful of marmalade onto the cold surface. Within 30 seconds marmalade will thicken and develop a skin (and when pushed through the marmalade, it will be thick and not runny). If still loose, continue boiling marmalade for around 5 minutes or until ready to test with the second saucer.
TIP: Forgotten to put the plates into the freezer? Use a glass filled with iced water to chill several teaspoons to check the consistency instead.
NOTES: There are several other methods for testing the gel stage of jams, jellies and marmalades - however if you are reducing the sugar content of your preserves, the gel stage may not occur at the same temperature (i.e. will need longer boiling period). Another method is called "sheeting" where the marmalade collects on an angled spoon and drips thickly.



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