Storing Marmalade

     How do I store my jars of marmalade?
Process all jars that are going to be stored at room temperature. Ensure jars are clean, rings are removed (if applicable) and jars are clearly labelled. Store jars in a single layer in a cool, dark and dry place such as a cupboard or pantry. For large quantities of preserves, ensure shelving is reinforced.
How long will jars of marmalade keep?
All fruit preserves are best consumed within a year, but may be consumed after this date – check for spoilage before consumption. Full sugar preserves will keep longer than low-sugar preserves, and will begin to discolour, and change flavour/texture after a year of storage. Please note that pale coloured marmalades may naturally darken during long-term storage.
What are the signs of spoilage?
Bulging or loose lids are the main indicators of spoilage, also check for changes in smell and flavour – if in doubt, throw it out. A good vacuum seal ensures good quality preserves but if you find mould or other signs of spoilage, safely dispose of the jar contents and wash jars well before use.
What do I do when I open a jar of marmalade?
Once jars of marmalade have been opened, store in the refrigerator and use within a few weeks – again check before consuming that spoilage has not occurred during refrigeration. Use clean utensils when removing marmalade from the jar to prevent contamination.


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