Seasonal fresh fruit can be preserved and enjoyed all year long. Before preparing, consider what you will use your jars for – slices/diced fruit for yoghurt, halves or slices for baking items, etc.
Decide flavour.
Choose fruit and flavour (if adding extra flavours). Try lemon zest, whole or ground spices, liqueurs and flavoured juices.
Prepare fruit.
Wash fruit, discarding blemished/damaged areas. Prepare according to recipe. Some fruits will be bottled with skins left on; others will have skins removed during preparation stage. Leave whole, halve, slice or dice as desired.
TIP: Simmer peels separately to extract juice for another use.
Prepare hot liquid: water, juice or syrup.
Heat jars.
Boil jars for 10 minutes before filling fruit to ½ inch from the top. Remove bubbles and seal. Submerge filled, sealed jars in boiling water and boil according to recipe.  Cool overnight then label before storing in a cool, dark and dry place for 12 months or more.

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