Our Canning Pantry - October 2013

 Powdercoated Shelving Unit for our Canning Pantry

Yesterday and today was spent cleaning out the spare room that we are converting into a canning pantry. today two (of 6) shelving units were put in the room, to double check the setup before painting and adding the next lot of shelving. I'm planning on painting the walls a medium grey (with one wall a darker grey/charcoal colour) to match the powdercoated steel shelving and the blue grey carpet. not in the photo, but on the opposite side of the room is the boxes of jars we sell and a large freezer.
On the right is the shelving unit I decided for the canning pantry. It's from Bunnings Warehouse but most hardware stores would carry similar types (there are lots of different lengths, depths and brands available). As we will be moving within the next few years, I wanted something easily removeable, so I went for a shelving system that wasn't too wide, had the option of a corner shelf unit, and not too deep (these are 40cm and perfect for me, as I do lots of different flavours of preserves, a deeper shelf would have wasted space). On the other side of the canning room, where I store bulk new jars, I have gone for a deeper shelving unit. Also, the option to buy extra shelves and also have a high weight limit. These units are $78 for a 5 shelf unit, and you can buy extra shelves (around $30ea) or a second unit and use the shelving to make 1 unit of 5-9 shelves for $156 total. Once the room walls are painted, I will be painting the mdf on the shelving a low-sheen or gloss black/deep charcoal colour as I put each new unit up (we'll have about 6 units in the room). Also, each shelf can hold up to 200kg (1000kg per unit).



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