Gourmet smoked semi-dried tomatoes are one of my favourite foods to cold-smoke! They’re juicy and chewy, packed with flavour from the smoke, tomatoes, oil and herbs.  
Semi-dried tomatoes (or sun-dried tomatoes if you prefer a firmer texture)
Smoking wood chips i.e. gourmet blend (Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash, Redgum, Mountain Ash & Messmate)
1. Clean and dry cold smoking unit and smoking vessel (no chemicals).
2. Connect air lines to the unit:
a) Check baffle (round barrel with multiple holes inside the unit) is clear and matches up with both holes on the base (air intake and ignition holes).
b) Ensure all fittings are clear and fitted tightly.
c) Connect the two shorter air tubes to the air pump.
d) Connect the longer air tube to the top of the unit.
e) Fill unit 1/3 full with wood chips (ensure baffle is covered with wood chips).
f)   Turn pump on (maximum flow).
3. Add sun-dried tomatoes to the smoking vessel:
a) Drain sun-dried tomatoes well, reserving flavoured oil for another use (refrigerate and use the oil within 1-2 days or freeze the oil in a ziploc bag). Dry tomatoes as much as possible.
b) Place the sun-dried tomatoes into foil tray/s, in a single layer and spread out as much as possible.
c) Place the foil trays onto the wire rack/s in the smoking vessel.
d) Close smoking vessel (and close air vents).
4. Light the unit:
a) Remove lid from unit.
b) Light propane torch burner and insert the burner tip into the air intake hole (angled upwards into the unit). Keep lit for 60 seconds after thick white smoke appears at the top of the unit.
c) Insert the lit burner tip into the opposite hole for 20-30 seconds. Turn burner off.
d) Put lid onto unit.
e) Insert smoke outlet tube into the smoking vessel.
f) Wait 2-3 minutes for the smoking vessel to fill with smoke.
g) Turn pump down (low to medium flow).
5. Smoke sun-dried tomatoes in the smoking vessel:
a) Smoke sun-dried tomatoes for 30 minutes in a small smoking vessel (or 60 minutes in a large (200L) smoking vessel). Turn tomatoes over every 15 minutes if a stronger smoked flavour is desired. NOTE: smoking time provided is for Aussie Smoke Bloke cold smoke generators – other cold smoking units will take longer, adjust time as required according to your manual.
b) Add a handful of wood chips as required (agitation may also be needed).
c) Turn unit off once finished.
d) Remove foil trays of sun-dried tomatoes from the smoking vessel.
e) Cover trays with a lid, foil or plastic food wrap and place into the refrigerator.
f) Wait 1-2 days before opening and serving smoked sun-dried tomatoes.
g) Reduce as much air as possible in the bag (or container), for a longer storage period in the refrigerator. Consume within 7 days.
h) Smoked sun-dried tomatoes can also be frozen but this changes the texture when thawed.
6. Clean unit and smoking vessel:
a) Turn unit upside down and remove any wood chip residue.
b) Clean chamber and brass tube with water if required.
c) Re-tighten any fittings if required.
d) Clean smoking vessel with warm soapy water and wipe dry.
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