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A new addition, new recipes and seasonal preserves.
Wowsers what a year so far! I’ve had some time off over February and March, as we had something exciting happen at FPHQ: the safe arrival of our third child (a baby boy!) and settling into a routine at home. Now I am on maternity leave for most of the year, I am looking forward to cooking, creating, writing and sharing recipes with you all! I have been quietly adding articles and new recipes onto so thought it would be good to feature a few new additions with each monthly newsletter. Don’t forget to visit the Food Preserving websiteFacebook Page and Instagram feed to see what I get up to as I research new methods, test new (and update favourite) recipes and launch my first online food preserving course in a few months! I hope you have a safe Easter break and spend some special time with your loved ones. Homemade gifts are the best kind of gifts! -Megan





  • EASTER GIFTS - don't forget to bottle a batch of carrot cake jam!
  • HOMEMADE PASTA – make a batch of fresh, homemade pasta for dinner tonight! 
  • WHOLEGRAIN MUSTARD - allow to rest for 6-8 weeks to mellow out the heat and vinegar flavours, then enjoy with barbecued meat, in quiches, sandwiches and spread on hot dogs. 
  • PLUM SAUCE - a delicious fruity plum sauce perfect for use as a marinade for chicken or pork, or grilled, or stir-fried with noodles and vegetables.
  • FLOUR TORTILLAS - soft, thin Mexican flatbreads made from finely ground flour (usually wheat). They are cheap, easy to prepare and taste delicious! 
  • FATTOUSH SALAD – broken a tortilla or two? Toast ‘em, crush ‘em and add them to a salad made from equal parts cucumber, green capsicum, red capsicum and tomato. Add sliced spring onion, radish, parsley and mint to taste. Garlic, EVOO, lemon juice, salt, sumac and sweet paprika can be whisked together as the dressing. Serve with a head of lettuce for healthy wraps and eat with your fingers :)
  • BRINJAL (EGGPLANT) PICKLE - our favourite summer spread featuring home grown eggplants (large or small varieties) with Indian spices. Toasted and simmered until deliciously thick and ready to serve with cheese, curries, burgers and more!
  • TOMATO PASTE - have excess tomatoes? Why not make your own little jars of tomato paste?
  • PASSATA - preserve summer’s harvest and enjoy passata (tomato puree) all year long! Pack the hot puree into jars, or cook and reduce first (our preference), seasoned and infused with spices if desired. Gorgeous!
  • ANZAC BISCUIT MIX IN A JAR - Take a moment this year on ANZAC Day (April 25) and bake a batch of these traditional Australian biscuits whilst remembering our Diggers. Layer dry ingredients into quart jars for preparing ahead as shown, or decorate as gifts - or fill jars with baked biscuits.  You'll love these crunchy yet soft biscuits!
  • GOLDEN SYRUP APPLE PIE FILLING - Make homemade apple pies in minutes! Simply pour into a pie shell, cover with the top and bake. Quart (950ml) jars are great for family-sized pies; half pint (1-cup) jars of canned pie filling make approx. 4 x mini pies. Pie filling is also delicious stirred through homemade yoghurt or used as a topping on cheesecake, pastries, pancakes, ice-cream or other desserts.
Our children love eating porridge for breakfast, so making these TWO MINUTE OATS pre-mixed in wide-mouth jars (or storing in Tupperware) with the 1/3 cup measuring cup for easy preparation means they can prepare a quick, nutritious breakfast by themselves before the rush to school. Homemade dehydrated fruit makes them extra tasty. Avoid plastic packaging of commercial single-serve porridge packets and save money by making your own! P.S. The Choc Coconut Chia Porridge Mix is our favourite at the moment!


I’ve compiled a Facebook album of crafty ideas (including links) that are quick and cute featuring jars and Easter eggs. Check it out HERE.


Our renovations at FPHQ have been on hold for a few months, as we decided to replan some of the kitchen (as we will move in a few years at this stage).  However, we will still be renovating the existing small kitchen to an open plan kitchen, adding new tiles and a breakfast bar (plus a few pantries and cupboards). Our album on Facebook is here.

Thanks for supporting our community classes as we spread the skills of home food preservation in 2016! I am currently on maternity leave until the end of 2017. Browse my website, like our Facebook Page and follow our Instagram feed to see what I get up to as I research new methods, test new (and update favourite) recipes and launch my first online food preserving course this year. Community workshops will recommence by 2018 - details will be added into future newsletters a month or so before classes recommence.

My course guides are now available for purchase online HERE.
  • Brewing Guides
  • Cheese-Making Guides
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  • Jam, Jelly, Pickling, Pie Filling & Preserving Guides
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Wholesale group purchase of Ball Mason jars in Western Australia. Join the Mason Jar Co-Op – WA Facebook group if you’re interested in joining the May group order.

Foodie events happening across Western Australia this month. The full list for 2017 is HERE
  • Food Safety Focus: why you should never eat any spoiled preserves.
  • New Articles: cold-smoking (including recipes for cold-smoked honey, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and more)
  • Roleystone Boomerang Bags
  • Kwinana Community Garden
  • Facebook link-up – Aussie gardening groups on Facebook
  • and much, much more!
Enjoy your preserving journey. LEARN, CREATE, SHARE and spread a little love!
Warm Regards,
Megan Radaich
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