CHEESE SALT - A flaky, medium crystal salt that dissolves slowly, drawing out more whey over time, and does not contain iodine or anti-caking agent. Cheese salt is used in cheese-making, fermenting, sausage-making and food preserving. SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
COOKING SALT - A very fine salt used for cooking where the salt is needed to be dissolved quickly and doesn’t clump together because it often contains anti-caking agent. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
EPSOM SALT - Also known as magnesium sulphate, Epsom salt is used in the beauty industry for bath soaks, facials, exfoliants, etc. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
HIMALAYAN SALT - A pink rock salt that contains 84 trace minerals and elements.  NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
LITE SALT - Contains more potassium chloride than sodium chloride (salt). NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
ROCK SALT - Naturally occurring large, chunky salt also known as halite. May contain extra minerals and doesn’t dissolve as well as cheese salt (it dissolves very slowly). MAY NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
SEA SALT - Available in various sizes from small to large crystals, sea salt is an ideal alternative to cheese salt. Use a flaky salt for cheese-making, which is the same size just a little thinner than cheese salt. SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
TABLE SALT - Table salt has a fine consistency and contains iodine and anti-caking agent. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
Location: Lake Deborah, a natural salt lake 500km north east of Perth, Western Australia.
  • During winter, the rain dissolves part of the lake’s salt crust, drawing brine to the surface of the lake. This is the beginning of the new salt harvest.
  • During summer, sunshine evaporates the brine, allowing a new layer of salt crystals to form on the lake’s surface.
  • WA Salt harvests the new salt crystals from the surface of the lake. The lake repeats the salt cycle.
  • The new salt crystals are stockpiled at the edge of the lake.
  • The salt is gently washed before being transported to Fremantle for packaging.
  • 100% natural lake salt products are then distributed Australia-wide by WA Salt Supply.
Kaya Wanjoo. Food Preserving kaditj kalyakoorl moondang-ak kaaradj midi boodjar-ak nyininy, yakka wer waabiny, Noongar moort. Ngala kaditj baalap kalyakoorl nidja boodjar wer kep kaaradjiny, baalap moorditj nidja yaakiny-ak wer moorditj moort wer kaditj Birdiya wer yeyi.
Hello and Welcome. Food Preserving acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live, work and play, the Nyoongar people. We recognise their connection to the land and local waterways, their resilience and commitment to community and pay our respect to Elders past and present.
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