CHEESE SALT - A flaky, medium crystal salt that dissolves slowly, drawing out more whey over time, and does not contain iodine or anti-caking agent. Cheese salt is used in cheese-making, fermenting, sausage-making and food preserving. SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
COOKING SALT - A very fine salt used for cooking where the salt is needed to be dissolved quickly and doesn’t clump together because it often contains anti-caking agent. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
EPSOM SALT - Also known as magnesium sulphate, Epsom salt is used in the beauty industry for bath soaks, facials, exfoliants, etc. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
HIMALAYAN SALT - A pink rock salt that contains 84 trace minerals and elements.  NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
LITE SALT - Contains more potassium chloride than sodium chloride (salt). NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
ROCK SALT - Naturally occurring large, chunky salt also known as halite. May contain extra minerals and doesn’t dissolve as well as cheese salt (it dissolves very slowly). MAY NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
SEA SALT - Available in various sizes from small to large crystals, sea salt is an ideal alternative to cheese salt. Use a flaky salt for cheese-making, which is the same size just a little thinner than cheese salt. SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
TABLE SALT - Table salt has a fine consistency and contains iodine and anti-caking agent. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEESE-MAKING
Location: Lake Deborah, a natural salt lake 500km north east of Perth, Western Australia.
  • During winter, the rain dissolves part of the lake’s salt crust, drawing brine to the surface of the lake. This is the beginning of the new salt harvest.
  • During summer, sunshine evaporates the brine, allowing a new layer of salt crystals to form on the lake’s surface.
  • WA Salt harvests the new salt crystals from the surface of the lake. The lake repeats the salt cycle.
  • The new salt crystals are stockpiled at the edge of the lake.
  • The salt is gently washed before being transported to Fremantle for packaging.
  • 100% natural lake salt products are then distributed Australia-wide by WA Salt Supply.

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