Storage: Refrigerator 
Quark is a soft, fresh cheese with a similar texture to sour cream, and has a mild tangy flavour.
2 litres milk
4 drops calcium chloride (in ¼ cup filtered water)
1 dose M036 mesophilic culture
Warm milk.
Pour milk into a pot, add calcium chloride solution and heat (directly) to 31°C. Remove from heat.
Add cheese ingredients.
Add 1 dose of MO36 (mesophilic) culture to the milk and stir to combine.
Rest mixture (covered) for 24 hours at 23°C (a little warmer is okay) until consistency of yoghurt.
Strain through cloth to discard liquid (whey).
Using a slotted spoon, carefully collect the curd cubes and place into a cheesecloth lined colander. 
Drain for a few minutes then hang and drain for 12 hours in a cool area of your home, until desired consistency.
You can also press quark cheese for 12 hours to get a firmer, textured cheese.

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