homemade cheesecakes - made using fresh cream cheese!
Storage: Refrigerator

Yield: 500g-1300g (depending on milk/cream used)

Soft, buttery and creamy homemade cream cheese – simple and delicious served with your favourite jelly on crackers, or stuffed into Medjool dates.
4 litres full cream milk
4 drops calcium chloride (in ¼ cup filtered water)
1 dose M030 mesophilic culture
4 drops liquid rennet (in ¼ cup filtered water)
2 teaspoons cheese salt (optional)
Warm milk.
Pour milk and calcium chloride mixture into a pan, sit the cream pan over a large pan of boiling water and heat milk (indirect heat source) to 30°C. Remove from heat.
Add cheese ingredients.
Add 1 dose of MO30 (mesophilic) culture to the milk mixture. Stir for 1 minute. Add rennet solution into the milk. Stir for 1 minute. Rest mixture (covered) for 12-15 hours to develop a thick, yoghurt consistency.
Strain cheese.
Discard liquid (whey) over 6-8 hours or until the consistency of cream cheese (firmer or softer to your taste, if preferred). We ladle the mixture into a tight weave cheesecloth and strain at room temperature until nice and thick. Mix through the salt before storing (if desired).
Wrap cream cheese into 250g blocks (or place into airtight containers) and keep refrigerated. Consume within 1-2 weeks.

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