Jerky is normally eaten as a snack, however it can be diced up for stews, added to muffins (or bread) or finely shredded and put into sandwiches. Consider soaking in hot liquid to soften jerky for some of the dishes below: 

o Apple, Cheese & Jerky Fritters 
o Jerky & Apple Pancakes 
o Jerky Apple Pie 
o Jerky & Apple Sandwich 
o Jerky Banana Bread 
o Jerky Burgers 
o Jerky Butter 
o Jerky & Cheese French Toast 
o Jerky & Cheese Fries 
o Jerky Chocolate Chip Cookies 
o Jerky, Chicken & Corn Dip 
o Jerky Coleslaw 
o Jerky & Corn Kernels 
o Jerky & Crab Dip 
o Jerky & Eggs 
o Jerky, Egg & Cheese Sandwich 
o Jerky & Egg Lasagna 
o Jerky & Egg Sandwich 
o Jerky Guacamole 
o Jerky & Leek Quiche 
o Jerky Macaroni 
o Jerky Meatballs 
o Jerky Muffins 
o Jerky Noodles 
o Jerky & Onion Gravy 
o Jerky Pinwheels 
o Jerky Popcorn 
o Jerky Porridge 
o Jerky & Potato Hash Browns 
o Jerky & Potato Soup 
o Jerky Quesadillas 
o Jerky Quiche 
o Jerky Ranch Dip 
o Jerky Reuben Sandwich o Jerky Sauerkraut 
o Jerky Sloppy Joes 
o Jerky Spaghetti Bolognaise 
o Jerky & Spinach Salad 
o Jerky & Spinach Tortellini 
o Jerky Stuffed Jalapenos 
o Jerky Stuffed Potatoes 
o Jerky Sushi 
o Jerky Tacos 
o Jerky, Tomato & Baby Spinach Pizza 
o Baked Beans with Jerky 
o Cauliflower & Jerky Cheese 
o Cheese & Jerky Pies 
o Cheese & Jerky Pizza 
o Cheese & Jerky Potato Bake 
o Chicken & Jerky Pizza 
o Chicken & Jerky Sandwich 
o Club Sandwich 
o Corn & Jerky Chowder 
o Devilled Eggs 
o Fried Rice 
o Frittata 
o Mushroom & Jerky Soup 
o Omelette 
o Onion & Jerky Dip 
o Pate 
o Pemmican 
o Pizza 
o Pumpkin & Jerky Risotto 
o Roasted Potatoes with Jerky 
o Roasted with brussels sprouts 
o Salad 
o Tomato & Jerky Macaroni Cheese 
o Tomato & Jerky Pasta 
o Stuffed Mushrooms 

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