Make your own probiotic fizzy strawberry sodas at home!

Yield: 3-4 cups
Boiling Water
3 1/2 cups
Raw Sugar
1/4 cup
Water Kefir Grains*
2-3 tablespoons
Strawberries, Fresh, Frozen or Dried
3/4 - 1 cup
* Water kefir grains are available online or from a health food store
1.  Pour water into a 1L jar. Add sugar and stir occasionally until sugar has dissolved. Cool to touch (hot will kill water kefir grains).
2.  Add water kefir grains.
3.  Cover jar with cloth and secure with string or elastic band. Culture for 24-48 hours at room temperature.
4.  Strain water kefir into a clean 1L jar or several 250ml bottles, filling to 3/4 of the container’s capacity.
5.  Top up water kefir bottles with frozen, fresh or dried strawberries (or a splash of strawberry syrup). Add airtight lid and culture at room temperature for 24 hours or more (this will carbonate the strawberry water kefir).
6.  Strained water kefir grains (from Step 4) can be used to begin a second batch with fresh filtered water and sugar.
7.  Refrigerate bottles of strawberry water kefir after the second ferment stage and consume within 3-4 weeks.
o    Water kefir grains will multiply rapidly every week if cultured a few times each week.
Author: Megan Radaich          
Image credit: Megan Radaich
Publication:Strawberry Preserving Guide, available HERE 

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