Preserved fruit can be used in many ways, here are our favourites:
·       Enjoy straight from the jar!
·       Serve with yoghurt & granola;
·       Serve with ice-cream;
·       Use in an upside-down cake;
·       Use in smoothies;
·       Eat with cottage cheese & crackers;
·       Make sangria!
·       Stone fruit slices are excellent with barbecued meat/chops;
·       Cobbler;
·       Add into jelly (jello);
·       Citrus slices added into stuffing are fabulous!
·       1C flour + 1C sugar + 1C fruit = quick cake!
·       Citrus slices or mango slices added into salad;
·       Puree for icy poles (popsicles) or ice-cream topping;
·       Freeze fruit then place into food processor to make granita;
·       Dump cake: fruit as base of dish, dot with butter then sprinkle with cake mix and bake until golden;
·       Serve on pancakes or waffles;
·       Make into fruit bread.

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