Pressure Canning Ingredients

For high-quality pressure canned food, use fresh vegetables and good quality, lean meats.
Do not use spoiled fresh produce and ensure spots are removed during preparation. When buying fresh produce in bulk, preserve as soon as possible. Vegetables are often hot packed (heated in water or stock) before canning.
OUR TIP: Pressure can vegetables in stock where possible for added flavour.
Meat cuts must be as lean as possible (fat can separate and interfere with the seal during processing). Meat can be boneless or have bones and can be fresh bought or thawed. Raw meat results in a better texture after pressure canning; re-cooked meat (i.e. canning shredded roast meat) will be tougher in comparison. Meat can be raw packed or hot packed, dependant on the recipe.
Other ingredients may include: stock, canning salt (no iodine or anti-caking agent in the salt) and spices.
DO NOT ADD dairy, fat, grain products (including no cereals, rice or pasta of any kind), and no thickeners (including no flour or soup mixes) as these are too dense for heat penetration, not suited for room temperature storage and may also change consistency during processing. Do not puree pumpkin, potato or sweet potato before pressure canning as these are too dense.

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