What is Jelly?

Jelly is a translucent preserve made from fruit juice and sugar. It has a smooth, texture and regular consistency – and does not contain pieces of fruit. Jelly holds its shape when removed from the jar and cut, but does “wobble”.  This is created by a special ratio of fruit juice, pectin, acid and sugar. The quantity of each ingredient varies when using different fruits.
Jelly can be sweet or savoury, and can be mild or strongly flavoured. From mild, perfumed floral jellies to hot chilli jellies, you can adjust spices and flavourings to create beautiful jars of jewel-like jellies for your family.
Jelly can be made with added (commercial) pectin, or without – and can be made full-sugar, low-sugar or sugar-free by using different types of pectin. It is made in a similar process to jam, except only fruit juice is used (not fruit flesh like jam uses). Follow recipes carefully and do not double to ensure success.
You can also create jelly using wine, cider or beer, or even some vegetable/fruit juices! From spreading on toast to a meat glaze, we have lots of tips for using jelly to create something special for your family!

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