Jelly-Making (low-sugar)

Jelly that is made from all types of fruit, both high-pectin and low pectin, with added (commercial) low/no-sugar pectin (which can be liquid or powdered). This method results in a low quantity of jelly that does not need to be tested for the gel stage and has a low quantity of sugar (or no sugar at all). You can use stevia (fresh or dried) or honey to sweeten, if desired – or a ¼ cup or so of raw sugar, if desired.
Make fruit juice.
Wash fruit, dice fruit and crush soft fruit and simmer with water to extract juice. Strain slowly. You can also use pre-made 100% fruit juice (check to ensure the juice does not have any added sugar).
Make jelly.
Combine juice and low/no-sugar powdered pectin (plus lemon juice for low acid fruits). Bring to a boil. Add sugar (if using) and dissolve. Boil as hard as possible for 1 minute. Remove from heat and discard foam (if any). Fill hot jars with hot jelly then process for 10 minutes in a boiling water canner.
NOTE: liquid pectin is added after the jelly mixture has been boiled.

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