Yield: 8 cups
Make your own smooth, squishy, non-toxic play dough at home! Whether you are using up non-Paleo ingredients, or making something FUN for your children/grandchildren to play with - and this play dough makes great gifts for birthdays, school events and so much more! Check out our tips at the end :)
Play dough is a choking hazard for children under three years. Always supervise children when playing with play dough.
4 cups plain (all-purpose) flour
2 cups superfine salt (cooking salt or other salt okay)
1/3 cup cream of tartar
1 teaspoon (5ml) dish-washing detergent
1/3 cup baby oil (or oil from the kitchen)
4 cups boiling water
food colouring (optional)
glitter (optional)
essential oil or extract (optional)
Heat-proof bowl
measuring cups
measuring spoons

Measure dry ingredients.
Place the flour, salt and cream of tartar into a large, heat-proof bowl. Mix well. Make a well in the centre of the mixture.
Measure wet ingredients.
Add the detergent, baby oil and boiling water into the bowl. Mix well, take care as the mixture will be hot! Mix in colouring, glitter and/or essential oil as required. Mix well until play dough consistency is achieved.
Cool play dough.
Leave the play dough to cool down before giving to children.
Store play dough.
Place play dough into a glass or plastic container with an airtight lid. Store in the refrigerator - will keep for a few weeks.
  • Wear gloves when mixing food colouring into the play dough;
  • Using a gel colouring creates a richer coloured play dough;
  • You can use homemade dyes i.e. beetroot juice to colour the dough;
  • Gluten free dough: use gluten free flours i.e. a mixture of rice and corn flour;
  • Present with some cookie cutters for instant creativity!
  • Decorate finished play dough creations using felt tip pens to create more details;
  • Colours (light or dark): green, blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, brown, white, grey, black;
  • Glitter;
  • Scented play dough using natural extracts/flavourings i,e, lemon, rose, chocolate, peppermint, strawberry, orange, coconut or licorice (colour dough to match scent);
  • Add essential oil to the play dough i.e. lavender, tea tree or eucalyptus (add natural dye to colour dough to match the essential oil);
  • Fairy Play dough - pink or purple with glitter;
  • My girls love their Frozen-coloured dough - a trio of play dough coloured in white, ice blue and raspberry;
  • Space: black and dark grey play doughs, with glitter, astronaut & spaceship figurines!
  • Easter - pastel colours packed with eggs, stamps & cookie cutters!
  • Other themes: farm, zoo, garden, Christmas, dinosaurs, ladybirds, clowns, lego, giraffes, owls, teddy bears, rainbow, food, monsters, under the sea, very hungry caterpillar, angry birds, cookie monster, peppa pig, etc.

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