Vanilla Bean Liqueur

Preparation: 4 - 6 weeks
Yield: 2 1/2 cups
 Sterilise jar/s
For each batch, you'll want 1 x quart (950ml) jar that has been sterilised by covering in boiling water and boiling for 10 minutes. Remove from water and rest for a few minutes on a teatowel-covered surface.
Measure vodka and sugar into jar
Use a funnel to reduce spillage of the vodka and sugar as you pour them into your jar.    

Prepare vanilla beans
Cut each vanilla bean in half crosswise and through the middle - making four pieces from each one. You can either pop them into the jar as-is, or scrape the seeds and add the seeds and beans to the jar together, like I have.
Shake jar
Add band and screw top lid, tighten and shake until sugar has dissolved (may take a minute or two). 
Store in a cool, dark dry place (like your pantry) for 4 - 6 weeks. Check after 4 weeks and see if the flavour is strong enough - if not, leave for another week or two.

Pour through a fine sieve/several layers of cheesecloth or coffee filters to remove vanilla beans (beans can be used in something else if you like). Pour into a nice liqueur bottle with an air-tight lid to prevent evaporation. Add a new whole vanilla bean to each bottle if you like for decoration. Seal and store at room temperature.


2 cups vodka
1 cup white sugar
3 vanilla beans
1 - 2 extra vanilla beans for decoration  
So how to enjoy this? Pour over ice and enjoy as a liqueur, add a little into a nice cup of coffee or google and make a nice cocktail with it perhaps?
Why not try making your own vanilla bean liqueur like this, it makes a delicious liqueur to enjoy and looks nice in a jar as a gift, too! :(^_^):
after 2 hours
after 3 days

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