Pressure Canning Class: Soup

  1. Maddie Hoffman
  2. Tan Watson
  3. Dianne Barnes
  4. Coralie Harris
  5. Julie Phelps
  6. Jodi Graham
  7. Yvonne Graham
  8. Benita Biasin 
  9. Vivienne Malone
  10. Patricia Sargent
What happens at the classes?
Perth Jams & Preserves classes are hands-on, educational and fun cooking classes for people of all skill levels. Interested in learning more about food preservation, expanding your jam-making skills, or trying unique flavour combinations? Join our community classes or book a private class for yourself and a few friends!
We teach. You cook!
Under the guidance of Megan you will learn the important skills of home food preservation in a social setting, mastering the basic technique of pressure canning. There will be time for you to have one-on-one assistance, with a combination of hands-on cooking and demonstrations during the class. Whilst jars are processed, you can relax with a cuppa and enjoy some morning tea whilst we make a batch of jam. Then a quick class photo before you head home with a jar of soup (and jam), and the  handout with pressure canning information and the class recipes.
   Pressure canning classes usually run for around 3 hours, but occasionally run overtime, please notify us if you need to leave at a certain time at the beginning of the class. All equipment, jars and ingredients are provided – but make sure you wear suitable clothing, enclosed shoes, hair tied/pinned back and an apron. If you have any food allergies, please notify us prior.
Pressure canning classes are held in our canning kitchen in Armadale - a great opportunity to see where we make our preserving recipes, and see our jar room!
Contact Us.
You can book a class using the contact form, emailing

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