Pressure Canning Class: Corned Beef Hash

Saturday 26 July, 09:00 - 12:00
with Megan Radaich

Come along to our introduction to pressure canning class with Megan from FoodPreserving.Org and learn how to use a pressure canner to preserve low acid food and assist in a batch of pressure canned corned beef hash (silverside with potatoes). Includes morning tea.

PRICE PER PERSON: $30.00 | 6 places left
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General information about the classes

Come along to our introduction to pressure canning Perth preserving class where we will be explaining how to pressure can low acid foods, such as soups, stocks, stews, meats and more at home using a pressure canner. We’ll be making a batch of corned beef hash, and showing you how to prepare the ingredients, share our recipe (and variations) and showing how easy it is to pressure can 20+ jars in a single batch: so you have a nutritious meal you can re-heat and serve in minutes for yourself and your family.
Pressure canning classes are run in our Canning Kitchen – so although they are run in small groups (2-6 people), there is no short time limit like the monthly community classes- and you can ask any questions you like and get one on one help to understand how to pressure can safely in your kitchen at home. Fees cover ingredients, mason jars, materials and equipment. Participants leave with recipes, a how-to guide on pressure canning, 1 x jar of pressure canned food and morning tea is also provided.
Address and further information will be emailed to participants prior to the class.
SMALL CLASS: This class is limited to 6 participants:
  1. Mary John 
  2. Mitchell Sinclair
  3. Faye Ramsden 
  4. Tan Watson 

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