Fruit Bottling Day: Summer Stonefruit

Saturday 1 March 09:00 - 14:00
Megan Radaich
Enjoy locally grown stonefruit all year long by joining our bulk bottling day! Join Megan from FoodPreserving.Org and bring along your ingredients and jars (or order jars from our online store).

PRICE PER PERSON: $25.00 | 4 places left


PLEASE NOTE: As explained prior on the website and Facebook page, we had to change the venue due to a smaller group. There was lots of interest from the organising of the fruit bottling day several weeks ago, yet we only received half of the number of bookings required. To avoid increasing the class fee (by over double) to cover the original room hire, we changed the venue to a cheaper option for the class. We want to keep the community class pricing as low as possible to suit everyone who wants to participate. Please accept my apology for any inconvenience this has caused. By keeping the room hire as low as possible, we are able to offer the classes at community rates (as we do not receive government funding, we raise class funds through jar sales or previous class funds) to ensure anyone can participate in our community classes and learn how to safely preserve at home. As we are transporting all of the fruit in our vehicle for this fruit bottling class, we ask that you bring your own equipment (if you do not have the items below, please let us know and we can bring a box of class equipment for you to use) 
  1. Faye Arcaro
  2. Mary John
  3. Faye Ramsden
  4. Michele Rosano
  5. Mitchell Sinclair
  6. Patricia Sargent
  7. Kerensa Allason
  8. Dianne Barnes
  9. Anne Bruynel
  10. Justin McDonald
  11. Dot Oliver
  12. Rebecca James
  13. Manon Bruynel
  14. Sophie Moller
  15. Cyndy Wallace
  16. Mary Bolfarini
We have lots of fresh fruit to preserve in water, syrup or juice on the day, including:
  • Peaches;
  • Plums (LOTS!);
  • Nectarines;
  • Apples/Pears;
  • PLUS you will receive a preserving handout, including all preserving recipes for the fruits listed above, and lots of flavour ideas!
  • 100% apple juice (OR sugar) – 2L or 2kg. Sugar can be white, raw, brown, or other 
  • lemons or a bottle of lemon juice – 500ml
  • jars and new lids – approx. 7 x 1L
  • a plate of food to share for lunch
  • box to carry jars home in
  • hand towel or several tea towels
  • water bath canner (or an extra big pot)
  • large pot
  • cutting board
  • peeler
  • paring knife
  • paper towel
  • bucket or plastic bag for scraps
  • Gas cooktops + refills
  • Local fresh fruit
  • Refreshments, cutlery, glassware and plates
  • Games/lucky draw prize
  • Labels for your jars
  • Snacks
  • Recipes
  • Flavours for your fruit – ie organic vanilla beans, spices, liqueurs, etc.
  1. Please arrive at or around 9.00am at Maddington Community Centre (19 Alcock Street, Maddington). We will be in the lesser hall – the rear building – and there is a car park at the back for your use. We will be setting up the tables and layout from 8.30am so you are welcome to come earlier if you like!
  2. You will need to set up your equipment at one of the tables to start preparation. Each table will used by 2-4 people for preparation (we will have a separate area of tables for processing the jars in the canners, plus the kitchen). We will rotate as needed between the preparation tables and the processing tables. Please clearly label all of your equipment before attending the class.
  3. Please wear closed in shoes, hair tied/pinned back, and an apron (optional).
  4. Once your jars are finished (ie processing your last batch), please clean up your equipment and pack into your box/crate ready to take home. Hot jars of fruit (once processed) will be placed onto the jar table in the middle of the class to cool. We will supply you with labels for your jars so you know which jars are yours on the table.
  5. Once the last batch of processing is on, we will have lunch. You’re invited to bring along a plate to share with the group for lunch. There is a refrigerator in the kitchen if required to store food prior BUT NO MICROWAVE (there is a small oven). We will be supplying the refreshments, glassware, cutlery and plates.
  6. Then a group photograph with the jars of fruit before final clean-up and packing your jars to transport home safely. We will have a handout at the end for you to take home with all of the recipes once the room is clean. We expect to finish by 2.00pm. 
Invoices will be emailed over 26-27/2 to those who pre-ordered jars. We will have spares of 500ml jars, so please let me know if you want to purchase any before the day as we will only bring a small box of spares.
Several class members have asked to pre-pay, so I have added the payment options below (please email for details):
• Cash on the day
• Direct Deposit
• Paypal – by arrangement before the day
See you on Saturday!
Megan Radaich
Owner/Teacher at Food Preserving dot Org
What happens at the classes?
Perth Jams & Preserves classes are hands-on, educational and fun cooking classes for people of all skill levels. Interested in learning more about food preservation, expanding your jam-making skills, or trying unique flavour combinations? Join our community classes or book a private class for yourself and a few friends!
We teach. You cook!
Under the guidance of Megan you will learn the important skills of home food preservation in a social setting, mastering the basic techniques of fruit bottling. Classes are restricted to 16 participants so there is time for you to have one-on-one assistance during the classes as required.
   Being a hands-on class, you will work independently preparing, cooking and then preserving your fruit at your cooking station. The benefit of fruit bottling is preserving large amounts of fruit to enjoy all year long - so you can bottle several jars or several dozen jars on the day, before you head home with a handout with the recipes and our preserving guide.
   All equipment is provided – but due to large numbers you are invited to bring your own equipment to share - but make sure you wear suitable clothing, enclosed shoes, hair tied/pinned back and an apron (optional). If you have any food allergies, please notify us prior.
Fruit bottling days are held at Maddington Community Centre, 19 Alcock Street, Maddington.
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