Every two months we host an introduction to pressure canning class in the 365 Kitchen. Today we made a big batch of vegetarian spaghetti sauce, using locally sourced tomatoes, assorted vegetables and spices. We prepared the ingredients, cooked them down into a sauce then pressure canned the jars. Everyone attending the class took home a jar of sauce to try, the recipe and a pressure canning handout.

Topics covered included:
  • Types of pressure canners
  • Where to buy pressure canners
  • Parts of a pressure canner
  • Maintenance of a pressure canner
  • The benefits of pressure canning food
  • Types of dishes we can make in a pressure canner
  • What is not safe to pressure can
  • How to store canning jars
  • How to re-heat pressure canned meals
  • Q&A  
Spaghetti Sauce (no meat)Delicious homemade spaghetti sauce, packed with vegetables and flavour! Use as a base for lasagne or pasta bake, or heat for 5-10mins (until very hot) to serve with cooked pasta. Add fresh chillies for spiciness.
Recipe: Spaghetti Sauce (no meat)

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