Private Class: June 24

On Monday every week I host a private class in the 365 Kitchen. This week we made a batch of Four Berry Pie Filling (with Clear Jel) and a batch of Sun-Dried Tomato Mustard.
Four Berry Pie Filling
    Now you can make delicious homemade fruit pies in minutes! A quart jar is the perfect size for a family-sized pie, or makes pint (or half-pint) jars for single pies if you have a pie maker. If you use big jars, you can make extra fruit pies and then freeze them. Jars of pie filling are also good on pancakes, ice-cream, cheesecake and baked cakes too.
    I have made several versions of pie fillings now and decided to change the method on this recipe, my goal was to have a smoother, little bit thinner sauce - usually the pie fillings end up a little too thick for my liking and packed with bubbles caused by the water bath processing. Unfortunately I didn't cook this batch enough to thicken properly, so it was a little thinner than I would like - but the jars from that batch will be nice on pancakes I bet! I have adjusted the recipe so the consistency is accurate the next time :)
Recipe: Four Berry Pie Filling
Sun-Dried Tomato Mustard
    Homemade tomato-flavoured mustard – once bottled, rest for 6-8 weeks to mellow out the heat, vinegar taste and develop a rich tomato flavour. Enjoy in sandwiches, roast chicken, quiches, hot dogs and grilled meats. You can make a single batch, double or triple, and bottle in small jars (ie ¼ cup) or larger 1-cup capacity jars.
    We experimented with the seasoning, adding dried garlic, onion, salt and oregano. I'm looking forward to sampling a jar of this in 6 weeks or so!
Recipe: Sun-Dried Tomato Mustard

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